Skrillex & Wiwek Team Up for Still In The Cage Short Film [Video]


Skrillex is all over the map, seriously. He’s a dubstep producer, he’s a heavy metal bandmember, he’s a vocalist, he’s in the hip-hop world, he’s a pop producer, and he makes some crazy artistic music videos. Today Skrillex surprised us all once again with a fascinating video preview of a collaborative project with Wiwek.

At first you might think this is a vocal version of “Killa”, but its actually something much more. Skrillex & Wiwek teamed up for a short film entitled “Still In The Cage“. It’s directed by Jodeb and completely scored by Wiwek’s Free and Rebellious EP. It premiered at the Ace Hotel in LA on August 17, but you can watch it in its fully glory now.