The Gifted – Purity ft. Kossisko



The Gifted – Purity ft. Kossisko

The Gifted‘s latest single “Purity” featuring Kossisko is a funky new collaboration with a major disco influence throughout it. After co-writing and producing the title track on Kossisko’s Red, White, and Cruel EP, The Gifted knew they had to collaborate with Kossisko on this project.

In case you aren’t familiar The Gifted are an LA based duo quickly gaining traction working together on countless projects co-writing and producing artists. Most recently, their work on Tayler Buono’s “Technically Single” reached over 11 million plays on Spotify and hit #1 on the US Viral charts. More credits include Cardiknox, Dresses, Hot as Sun, and Mackenzie Thoms, and composing an original score for the instant horror classic Southbound.

“I just wanted to make a track that me and my lady could roller-skate to.” – Castle

The Gifted – Purity ft. Kossisko