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TSA Pre-Check To Be Added to Live Nation Festivals

In an unprecedented move, Live Nation, one of the countries largest ticketing and event production companies, announced that they will be working alongside IdentoGo, the same company that provides the infrastructure for the TSA Pre-Check program.

Maureen Ford, Live Nation’s President of Client Sales, stated this in an interview regarding this announcement:

“Live Nation is always looking for ways to make the concert-going experience more seamless, and by offering Fast Pass by IdentoGO we can get fans out of line and into the show even faster, which makes this a really organic partnership.

The concept is actually quite simple. Attendees who pay the $85 for five years of membership, simply walk up to the festival gates, show ID, state their Known Traveler Number, and then simply walk through the door. If you are already enrolled in the TSA Pre-Check program, you will automatically have access to this program. Soon enough, the comically long lines that have almost become part of the festival experience, may be a thing of the past.

To qualify you must sign up online, or at a kiosk located at the participating venue or festival, pay the fee, and then go through the same security screening process that determines your qualification for your ability to fly with TSA Pre-Check. If you pass the screening process you may be literally flying through the gates of your favorite festival.

Although this program remains to be tested on a large scale, it has proven its value against traditional security measures, which are inconsistent at best. This system is already being used at several venues and festivals in New York, Las Vegas, and even Washington. If this is successful, Live Nation aims to incorporate this at the majority of its large scale events.

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