Watch Eric Prydz’ SW4 Afterparty and Cirez D Essential Mix Sets [Videos]

cirez d essential mix

This weekend was a massive one for Eric Prydz. Just look at his schedule.

Fri – Creamfields (Cirez D) 21:00-22:00
Sat – SW4 Aftershow (Eric Prydz) 02:00-05:00
Sun – SW4 (Cirez D) 14:00-15:15
Sun – Creamfields (Eric Prydz) 21:00-23:00

While most of us aren’t lucky enough to go to those lifechanging sets, Friday’s Cirez D set at Creamfields was recorded and will debut next weekend on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix. Clearly some fans know we get a little impatient and want to hear the #1 Essential Mix of 2016 early, so one of them recorded the entire set. Facebook livestreaming is changing the game for recorded live sets, for better or worse, and this is more of the benefits. Obviously the quality isn’t top notch, but you’ll get that next week. For now bask in the glory that is Cirez D. If an hour of the D was just a tease, we also dug up Eric’s 2.5hr set from his SW4 Afterparty performance. Enjoy!