Xavier White X Paul Couture – Bad Blood


bad blood

Xavier White X Paul Couture – Bad Blood

We can all relate to not fitting in; in our search for something or someone new and different. Somewhere along the way, we lose those closest to us and it doesn’t always end in the nicest manner. Xavier White’s latest single alongside Paul Couture titled “Bad Blood” explores the path one takes when falling for someone that fits their lifestyle and the consequences that follow.

White’s alluring voice has listeners hanging on to every word, as fans will instantly want to throw everything away to be the leading lady in his newest narrative. After their recent success creating the Cancer vs. Gemini EP, producer and songwriter Paul Couture does it again, laying down the perfect canvas with a downtempo track and co-writing the lyrics to compliment the silky vibes Xavier White delivers time and time again. “Bad Blood” is out now on the eclectic NYC imprint Lush Records.

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