Aero Chord – The 90s



Aero Chord – The 90s

Who remembers the 90’s? Regardless of how much time passes, they still feel like just 10 years ago. Dial up internet, corded phones, and curfews….yuck. What better way to pay homage to a technology-less time than with a bass track that sounds like something from the future? Good news, Aero Chord is back with his future bass tune, “The 90s” that will have you reminiscing and looking ahead at the same time.

The young producer takes wistful vocals (his own might I add!) and works them smoothly across melodic builds and wonky, yet seemingly complex drops to create a vibe filled tune. This latest is the first single from his upcoming EP titled, Love/Hate. Check out this latest futuristic tune below and keep an eye out for this rising producer’s EP that will, like the 90s, surely be something to remember.

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