Astronomar – Run It


Run It

Astronomar – Run It

Dj/producer and head honcho of Main Course, Astronomar, has been going hard for several years now with weird, bass heavy forward thinking cuts which is also the ethos for his unique imprint.

This week he returned with “Run It” a collaboration featuring Jersey Club queen Uniiqu3 on the vocals and it sees a release on Insomniac/Interscope’s newly launched record label. This tune goes off in any setting whether it be the club, a house party or gym just crank the volume up and “RUN IT!”

“I think this tune is so demanding, it’s all about owning the night at the club, owning the dance floor. I hope this a tune someone can sing into the mirror and feel bossy. Mar and I had history and I felt so comfortable being myself. His EP is going to be flames, per usual.” – UNIIQU3

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