Beatport Adds Big Room Genre, Eliminates Electro


The times they are a changing in the dance music world. This change has probably been a long time coming, but today, Beatport finally instituted a huge genre reshuffle. It added a genres, cleansed existing genres and completely eliminated Electro House. In all, Beatport added Dance, Big Room, and Future House. It also purged Progressive House, Deep House, Electronica, and House genres of their mainstage anthems. Now, you’re going to find Pryda and Jeremy Olander in Progressive House rather than Tiesto.

The changes involved the reshuffling of over 500,000 tracks and was a highly demanded move for quite some time. Perhaps the saddest part of the whole thing is the complete elimination of Electro House. Lovers of the subgenre are probably not too surprised though, as the subgenre was completely abandoned by its leading artists like Porter Robinson, Madeon and Wolfgang Gartner after 2014. Now, electro has been subsumed into big room house and any hopes fans might have for an electro-revival have died along with the tag. In fact, Porter Robinson’s early breakout hit track “Say My Name” is now classified as Big Room. It will be interesting to see how this move impacts the charts, as big room and future house encompass so many different types of tracks, artists and labels. How do you feel about this change?