Calvin Harris Strips Down & Nobody’s Complaining


Calvin HarrisĀ is undeniably one of the most attractive DJs in the electronic music industry. He has shown this time and time again with his nearly-nude Emporio Armani photo shoots. Dressed in nothing but underwear, this Scottish mogul knows he has amazing structure and is not afraid to show it off. A recently posted photo on his Instagram reveals his magnificent body while he stands next to his manager. The post reads as a “happy birthday” to Mark Gillespie, and boy did he receive one hell of a present. One fan commented “This is what I came for,” which honestly deserves some credit. Kudos to you, fan. While the internet is going crazy over another Harris-happy photo, the producer himself is probably planning his next reveal. Take a look at the wonderful photo below.

Happy birthday to my manager @gillespiemark I love u

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