The Chainsmokers Are Collaborating With Some Of The Biggest Names In Music


What else could be said about The Chainsmokers that hasn’t already. Love them or not, they’re lighting up dance music with crossover hits that are taking over radio stations and playlists across the world.

They’ve found massive success with original hits and creative collaborations including their latest hit “Closer” featuring Halsey. Their next collaboration will be of epic proportions, as they just posted two clips of the upcoming project. The clips don’t give much away, but it’s clear to see and very audibly recognizable that the man in the clip is Coldplay’s Chris Martin. It’s too early to tell whether this project will be a joint project with the entire band or just the band’s superstar frontman. Regardless, the final product will definitely be extremely successful.


It’s also worth noting that this month, The Chainsmokers are on the cover of Billboard Magazine. In their cover story, they happened to drop a few additional names of potential collaborations: Linkin Park, Big Sean, Weezer and Dua Lipa. The bottom line is, The Chainsmokers are making waves, fans have noticed and big name artists are striking while it’s hot. Stay tuned for more of what this impressive duo has for us next.