Demo Drop Shows How Many Plays It Would Take for an Artist to Earn $1


demo drop

These days, streaming services are trying to one up each other with obvious stratagems to attract customers: free trials, exclusive deals, better subscription services, more efficient design layouts, etc. However, there hasn’t been a tactic focused on how much artists get paid from putting their work up on one of these sites/apps. It’s clear by this year’s data that music streaming is growing among users, toppling physical sales and digital downloads. While there are a few circumstances when certain artists don’t need the likes of Spotify and Apple Music to stream their music, it’s pretty much a necessity for everyone else. So why isn’t it more of a concern, or desire, among customers when choosing a service?

It’s probably because there hasn’t been a chart released detailing which streaming services put their artists closer to the front lines. That is until now. Demo Drop posted a graphic on their Twitter account comparing the number of streams it would take for an artist to earn $1 between 11 popular streaming services. According to the graph, YouTube trails behind everyone with a total of 776 views needed before a dollar is earned, while SoundCloud is close by with a total of 766 plays. Slacker, Tidal, and Google Play round out the top three, and have the peace of knowing that they’re model is more lucrative for artists. Check out where the other streaming services have placed!