DROELOE – Shibuya


DROELOE - Shibuya

DROELOE – Shibuya

DROELOE is a how new name on the scene, bringing bass filled tracks time after time. Their steady string of remixes for the like of San Holo and more have already garnered them lots of air time, and their latest release, titled ‘Shibuya’, is one more notch on these guys’ musical bedpost.

This track stands out for its wicked sound design. In an era where so many trap producers are turning to go-to sample packs and presets, this track stands as a phenomenal breath of fresh air. It’s metallic as it is wide, and as in-your-face as it is ephemeral. It blasts its way through the front of the mix throughout the drops, and lets the other more melodic elements work their magic during the more laid back sections of the tune.

Check out the tune below, and head over to Elysian Records to snag your limited time free download.

DROELOE – Shibuya
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