The Fat Jew Starts A Major Lazer Tribute Band Called Major Behavior [Video]


Major Behavior

Major Behavior – The Definitive Major Lazer Tribute

Originally blowing up via Instagram for consistently posting hilarious memes, Internet sensation Josh Ostrovsky, aka The Fat Jew, has now become a full-fledged, viral comedian and entrepreneur. Between hanging out with Katie Couric to marketing his White Girl Ros√© to owning one of the most talked Instagram account’s in the world, the NY-based entertainer is always up to something, and his latest escapade seems to be a Major Lazer tribute band, which he calls ‘Major Behavior.’ Matt Medved of Billboard Dance recently caught up with Ostrovsky to see exactly what he was up to.

Throughout the mini-mockumentary, Ostrovsky explains to viewers the origins of the tribute band as he claims himself to be the Diplo of the group and his cohort, NYC DJ Maachew Bentley, plays the other half. The comedic star discusses why a tribute band is needed for Major Lazer, his previous Skrillex tribute band he was apart of, the logistics of their performances and more. Watch the insanity of Major Behavior unfold in the full video below.