HARD Day of The Dead Skipping 2016


The bloodbath year for festivals that is 2016 continues to claim victims. The latest festival victim is HARD‘s Day of the Dead, the festival where we first saw Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz play back to back in 2014. While Prydz and Mau5 are back on stage together in 2016, HARD will not be celebrating Halloween due to difficulties locating the festival in light of tough treatment from LA County officials.

Gary Richards apparently made the decision to cancel this years DOTD earlier in the year because he needed more time and resources to plan the big location move for HARD Summer, troubled though it was. HARD Day of the Dead would also have needed a new location, and it was simply too big a lift for the company to do in close time proximity. The decision to skip 2016 was not due to deaths that occurred at HARD Summer, and no further comment has been made.


Source: edmchicago