Headhunterz Calls Out Fans Who Flipped Him Off


flipped him off

Headhunterz “Fan” Flipped Him Off

Veteran┬áproducer, Headhunterz has had his fair share of haters due to his switch in styles. Yet the quality of his music is still top notch and he still has an amazing and dedicated fan base. Sometimes there will be people who give off bad vibes at festivals and spread negativity when that’s exactly what people are trying to escape from.

Headhunterz released episode 2 of his ‘Vlog’s From Within‘, a 14-minute video on Facebook that showed a behind the scenes look at how he produces in the hotel room, to arriving at a festival and being backstage with other DJ’s, to getting flipped off while he was on stage by an angry “fan”. It was a small crowd so Headhunterz noticed it pretty easily. He said himself in the video that he doesn’t understand the point in watching a Headhunterz show when you could really be out at a different stage listening to music that you like. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

You can watch the full vlog right here.