Lane 8 Cancels Miami Tour Stop Due to Zika Concerns


Every so often, an artist has to cancel a performance and it’s just a part of life. Usually, the reasons revolve around flights, illness or business disputes. Today, Lane 8 was forced to cancel the Miami stop on his This Never Happened Tour for an unusual but, understandable reason. The tour was the unique one we told you about some time ago, where no phones are allowed and the attendees are forced to live in the moment without distractions.

As it turns out, Lane 8 and his wife are expecting a baby early next year and the Zika scare throughout Miami is simply too great a risk. His doctor has advised him against traveling to any Zika infected areas and Miami has become the US epicenter of the virus. Lane 8 has promised fans a makeup show in 2017, and nobody can expect an artist to take that kind of crazy risk for one show.

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