Lollapalooza Seemingly Confirms Daft Punk Rumors

daft punk rumors

Hold on to your seats because thoseĀ Daft Punk rumors might finally be coming true. Since rumors swirled around Ultra 2014, fans have speculated which festival would finally get Daft Punk to perform live again to no avail. The enigmatic duo hasn’t performed since their album Random Access Memories was released. Their last tour was their Alive 2007 tour, following their Alive 1997 tour. The fan speculation has zeroed in on an Alive 2017 return and now the confirmation is almost here.

Last week we told you about a leaked Lollapalooza Chile flier that had Daft Punk listed, but nobody was sure if it was real. Now as Lollapalooza prepares the website for its 2017 festivals, Daft Punk has received its own artist page here. That seemingly confirms that Daft Punk will be a touring headliner in 2017 for Lollapalooza and more. As if that isn’t insane enough, there is also an artist page for Daft Punk & Jay-Z here. The festival will reveal its 2017 lineups Argentina, Chile, and Brazil on Wednesday so we’ll know the truth once and for all then. For now, check out this clip of their 2007 performance.