The Weeknd – Starboy Ft. Daft Punk (Official Music Video)



The Weeknd – Starboy Ft. Daft Punk
(Official Music Video)

Let’s be real, The Weeknd cutting his hair is probably the biggest news for the singer/ songwriter. So big, in fact, that his newest music video for “Starboy“, which is a collaboration with electronic music icons Daft Punk, starts off with a scene of his current self suffocating his former self to death. Effectively leaving behind his famous hair, the music video shows The Weeknd wreaking havoc in his home and smashing remnants of what he used to be. Filmed in a very dark and eerie setting, the music video also shines a spotlight on a portrait of Daft Punk. This is the first we are hearing from Daft Punk in quite some time now; prior to this song, their last release was the Grammy award-winning album Random Access Memories. Hopefully, this means more Daft Punk jams are to come in the near future, so keep an eye out for more news. You can purchase a copy of the song right here.