10 Things We Learned From the GTA AMA


GTA recently released a full length album appropriately titled Good Times Ahead, and to celebrate GTA sat down for a good ol Reddit AMA. We recapped 10 of the best things we learned from the sit down, from their tour to their favorite artist and even an hidden gem vocalist on their album.

1There are lots of exciting collabs coming

We still have a ton of collabs with people that we need to get out there! We’re just trying to plan our releases with a little more thought put into them as you see with this album! But we probably have at least 20+ finished ideas (if not more) that we’re trying to finish up. Solo work and Collabs

2The 3 Tracks they recommend to a new listener

I’d say Red Lips, Feel It, & Contract .. probably a good all around pick of our sounds.

3They name producers who might change the game soon

There are a ton of artists doing their thing atm. Kaytranada, Lido etc!

4What it’s like working with rappers

It was actually pretty awesome. We didn”t get to be in the studio with those 2 particularly because we had been touring so much when they recorded it but they’ve been so easy to work with man. They essentially just sent back one email with all the vox ideas on it and it was so good!! P.s. Trying to work on more stuff with them !!

5They were nervous about fan reception of the album

It’s been kinda nerve wracking putting out this album and wondering if all the people who only know us for our “bangers” would appreciate this style. And so far we’ve received so much love from it! Trust us we’re still making and releasing festy/club bangers and such we just wanted to show the world another side to us.

6Pre-show ritual

we basically just listen to a bunch of stuff off soundcloud and go through old projects to try and get a little inspiration going! This and coffee! Also, a good amount of creative herbal remedies ;]

7What it was like working with What So Not

Well we started on this idea that Emoh had written. He showed us this vocal melody, and we made some drums and extra synths while we were on tour together a couple of years ago! He’s a super cool dude so sharing ideas with him is easy !

8They address an uncredited vocalist on the album track, “Feel It”

Her name is Bishop and the reason she is not credited is because as far as I was told her and her team didn’t want to be credited because it wouldn’t have fit their plan for her? It was not our decision. But yes she does have an amazing voice and we’re trying to work with her more :]

9Dream collab?

so many! Right now I’d say Flying Lotus!!! that would be so crazy haha!

10The grossest thing to happen on the Good Times Ahead Tour

Julio bet our manager Stevie to snort a fat line of Parmesan cheese.. not too gross but it was hilarious to watch ahah