2016 CRSSD Brought the Joy Of Summer One Last Time in San Diego


Dance music and its following is growing in San Diego, if you were at this year Fall edition of CRSSD you would have experienced that firsthand. Its hard to live up to what LA has been doing for years just a little bit up north but something special is building in San Diego that’s for sure.

Event company FNGRSCRSSD is popping up with more an more shows around SD and their latest CRSSD was the best yet. Saturday started off warm and standing in line directly in the sun did not help you avoid the heat. But overall the line an security experience was not too bad and on the faster side for the size of the crowd they had entering from about 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Immediately when you walk through the gate you are next to The Palms stage. The Palms and City Steps stages are about the same size an have the same canopy in front of the stage but The Palms is decorated with palm trees and other flora. Rocking this stage at 5pm was Rezz one of the more anticipated performers of the weekends, she just dropped her new EP “Something Wrong Here” this week which you can check out here. She definitely had pull at this fest because the crowd was big and loving it. From there I wandered around checking out the different parts of the fest, they keep the layout the same for every fest which is good because there is plenty of space an it is well organized. After that I spent time seeing Louis the Child, Cashmere Cat, Shiba San and then watched Justin Martin close out the night with some of his signature house beats.

Sunday was a little cooler but still a nice 75 degrees and perfect festival weather. Being at CRSSD made me reconsider whether summer was really over or not because it basically felt like the middle of June. Pretty cool to see the people dancing around in the fountains right in front of all these great musicians performing as the sun set. Seeing Malaa was fun but the highlight for me was Claptone. It was my first time seeing him and it was great, I think it would have been even better if his set was hour or 2 later but he still put on a great show an the crowd was great as well. After that I walked around some more an got to see a little of Thomas Jack and then Dubfire who brought his dark techno side out after the sun was down. Great way to end the fest.

Overall I would recommend the CRSSD fest to anyone its one of those where anyone could have fun. But would definitely be a destination for House an Techno lovers as the lineup for those styles is better than most other fests. No real negatives to this festival just a lot of fun.