Alesso Announces Release Date for Dillon Francis Collaboration


Alesso is definitely not shy when it comes to giving fans what they want. He recently announced on Twitter that his new collaboration with Dillon Francis is set for release on October 21st. “Take My Breath Away” is both relaxing and epic all at the same time. It’s easy to nod along to without getting lost and forgetting where you are, as is the case when he played it at Ultra Taiwan.

This is just one of many collaborations Alesso has been working on. He has recently been delving into the world of Asian music with help from Taiwanese and Korean singers alike. Jolin Tsai of Taiwan was enlisted to help him recreate his single “I Wanna Know” feat. Nico & Vinz. Offering a softer version of the song still in its original English, this song differs from his revamp of “Years” featuring K-pop singer Chen of EXO. Still, both songs offer a new take on the original songs and showcase the best of Asian music culture.