Apple Is Coming For the USB Port Next


Have you started adjusting to the post-aux world, Apple fans? Well Apple isn’t done with you yet if a recent report is to be believed. Reports indicate that Apple will unveil 3 new Macbooks this week, and that they will not feature traditional USB ports. That’s right, the only computer port that is as ubiquitous as the 3.5mm port is also going away under Apple.

The funny part is what is replacing it. Much like the latest Macbook, these new Macbooks will feature the new USB-C port instead. It remains to be seen whether these Macbooks will feature multiple ports or only 1 like the Macbook. While this might sound shocking, USB-C is the future and its aiming to become the universal port for everything in electronics. In fact, the only device that isn’t switching to USB-C is Apple’s iPhone. Confusing, right? The nice thing is that USB-C is reversible, handles fast-charging, quick data transfer, video output, and more. Soon enough you will only need one cable for all of your electronics (unless you have an iPhone/iPad). Now hopefully Apple will include more than 1 port, so Macbook buyers aren’t forced to deal with ugly expensive docks.

This could become a big hassle for the DJ community, as many DJs use Macs with their DJ controllers. If there are multiple ports, the solution is as simple as getting a new cord or an adapter. If there’s only one port things will become much more annoying. Only time will tell but the writing is on the wall for the traditional USB port. If you’re ready to start stocking up, you can’t beat the prices on USB-C cables here.

Source: Daily Mail