Apple’s New MacBook Pro is Here, and This Is What You Need To Know


It’s that time of year again: Apple’s fall event, titled “hello again” this year, has come and gone, announcing the newest products and features in terms of smartwatches, laptops and more. At the event, the newest MacBook Pro was announced – and it’s an interesting shift. As the company continues to change and tweak their product features, here are the features on the new MacBook you should really know.

  1. 1. They haven’t gotten rid of the headphone jack – yet.

Audiophiles, you can breathe! Our loyal headphone jack has not disappeared from the hardware yet. Though the 3.5mm jack was not given attention during the event, you can see it in images of the new MacBook. After removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and receiving massive criticism for their actions, this comes as no surprise, as they’re likely trying to appease the masses they’ve already upset. Appreciate it now, friends – you never know when it will be gone.

2. There are no more traditional USB, HDMI or SD card ports.

Yes, really. Apple has removed the USB ports we all know and love, along with HDMI and SD card ports, and replaced them with four USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. RIP, phone charging abilities. We hope you’re prepared to buy dongles.

3. There’s a new Touch Bar.

Now existing at the top of the keyboard, this new feature lets you select things in particular situations, such as picking sections when editing a video, or pick an emoji by hand. Opening an internet window in Safari? The touch bar will show your favorite websites so you can choose your destination quickly and easily. Oh, and you can DJ with it, scratching and mixing as much as you please. Watch out world, the Touch Bar DJ is up-and-coming.

macbook-pro-specs4. The new laptop will be available in 13-inch and 15-inch options.

The 13-inch comes with or without the Touch Bar and Touch ID, though the 15-inch does not have a sans-Touch Bar & Touch ID option.

Now, the question remains for consumers remains: will you stick with your trusty, faithful laptop, or will you move onto bigger (or technically, smaller) and better things with a new Pro? While you’re deciding, watch the beautifully crafted Macbook Pro commercial below.