Clever Fake Reignites Swedish House Mafia Rumors


UPDATE: Axwell denied the rumors, noting that the tweet was a photoshop. We fell for it again, guys. Better luck next time.

We know we know, we’ve been down this road how many times already? Each time the rumor is quickly swatted down, and usually rightly so. This time however, we are willing to say we have a hunch something is up. Today, Axwell jumped the gun on a massive tease that lit up the internet.

swedish house mafia
Swedish House Mafia 2017?

Although it has since been deleted, the language of the tweet speaks for itself and is obviously this is somewhat related to Swedish House Mafia. Where it gets interesting is the new logo. This logo is NOT the Swedish House Mafia logo we know and love, and that’s not an accident. Swedish House Mafia still exists as an “artist”, but that group has broken up. This new logo is an evolution of the current Axwell /\ Ingrosso logo, with an A-I-A. Obviously this could be Axwell Ingrosso Angello, but it seems unlikely that the trio would return in a new form like that. What seems more likely is that this new Swedish House Mafia will have a new name and a new member, namely fellow Swede Alesso. Axwell and Ingrosso recently returned to manager Amy Thompson who continues to manager Alesso. Legally it would be difficult for them to use the old name and logo with a new member.

What else lends credence to this rumor? The date given is the final day of Ultra Music Festival 2017. Swedish House Mafia began their global explosion at Ultra Music Festival in 2010 and performed for the final time there in 2013. There is no other place where such a reunion (or re-imagining) would launch. Ultra might not end up seeing Daft Punk perform this year, but we have a feeling this might be just as huge.

Source: Rave Jungle