Cap Off Your Halloween Night By Watching One of Porter Robinson’s Gnarliest Drops Ever



Porter Robinson has one of the most eclectic music abilities and range of genre-defying tracks in today’s music world. His newest album Worlds, which took fans and the music industry by storm, was one of the biggest shifts in taste for an artist we’ve seen in a long time and quickly pointed out that, regardless of what genre Porter decides to dabble in, it’s going to be good.

Though Worlds has a much lighter, mellow sense to many of its tracks, the artist still throws in some heavy, aggressively beautiful drops into his live sets – which, mind you, are just as much about the visuals are they are about the sounds – that have made our jaws drop. His live edit of “Fresh Static Snow” is one of those moments, known particularly for the deer head visuals that abruptly take over the screen during the set as the drop hits. The eery and somewhat disturbing visuals have continued to rock fans mid-way through Porter’s live sets, throwing a special twist into the mix that truly shakes you to the bone.

If you’re looking for a nice video to close off your evening, we recommend not watching. But if you’re ready for one of the most aggressive and impressive drops out there, check out the below.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

Video credit: Reddit (r/PorterRobinson)