The Chainsmokers Set November 4th Release Date For ‘Collage’ EP


Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall. Found in the same room, they are The Chainsmokers. When these two American DJs released “Roses” last year, they began their rise to superstardom. Sixteen months later, the duo has been all over the radio, YouTube, SoundCloud, television…well, they’ve been kind of everywhere.

After receiving a huge amount of flak on Twitter for insulting Rihanna and Lady Gaga, a wholly cringeworthy interview with Billboard, a lot of shit for a hack of Drew’s Twitter, The Chainsmokers attempt to bring attention away from social issues surrounding them with the announcement of their latest EP, Collage.

The EP is set to have four songs on it, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Closer”, “All We Know” and a brand new track “Setting Fires”.

Stay tuned to EDMTunes for the first report of their EP release early this November, just in time for election day in America!