Crywolf – Quantum Immortality


Quantum Immortality

Crywolf – Quantum Immortality

Crywolf released his first single since his debut album dropped last year in 2015, and it does not disappoint. His new single “Quantum Immortality” introduces a different sound that strays away from the overall swells of emotional beats from Cataclasm.

“Quantum Immortality” is an indie-inspired track with a melancholic feeling that is provided by his own fluid vocals and deep, soul-filled beats. The lyrics make you want to understand why he feels the way he does when starts the song with, “On the lips of my love / I’m alone again / But dreaming with a kiss / I could lose, I could fall, I could fold and then come right back to this”. The song concludes with a more upbeat vibe, rendering a feeling of peaceful euphoria.

When you listen to the song, close your eyes and allow yourself to feel all that it has to offer. The track is available for free to download below!

Crywolf – Quantum Immortality | Free Download