deadmau5 Teams Up With Toronto Maple Leafs For New Anthem, Teases Noisia Remix


Not only does Canada rule at hockey, but it is also home to Grammy nominated producer deadmau5. The Toronto native was recently asked to take on the task of creating an original anthem for the city’s hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs are celebrating its 100-year anniversary and the mau5 was given the chance to honor them with his musical talent. The stadium-friendly tune is perfectly suited to be played in an arena full of amped up hockey fans, banging noise makers to deadmau5’s signature beats.  To commemorate the team’s anniversary and their new anthem, he was brought onto the ice for the debut. You can listen to the song in its entirely while watching the event take place right here.

Not only has deadmau5 been sprucing up the sports sector, he has also been working on a new remix. It is uncommon for him to take on the job of making remixes so this is BIG. deadmau5 recently released a small video preview of him in a studio jamming out to his own rendition of Noisia’s track “Collider”. The drum n’ bass group released the track on their latest album Outer Edges earlier this year. The tune caught the attention of deadmau5, leading him to put his own unique spin on things. From the looks of the video preview, he is getting ready to deliver something awesome. There is no official date for the deadmau5 remix of “Collider” quite yet, but until then, watch the video clip below!