Gallant Performs at The White House’s Music Festival

Gallant white house

Gallant has come a long way since the 2014 self-release of his first EP, Zebra. In the past two years, the Maryland singer has toured with Sufjan Stevens, recorded with Zhu and Jhene Aiko, and released a full length album, Ology.

To support Ology, Gallant embarked on his headlining tour at the end of August, and is still in the midst of touring now. The North American tour will finish up in November and lead into a series of international cities, all of which I’m sure will be stoked to see the soulful singer.

But if this timeline isn’t impressive enough for you, check this out – Gallant spent his Monday singing at The White House.

Earlier this week, the singer posted a Facebook video with the caption, “thanks Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for letting me sing at ur (sic) house.” His performance was part of South By South Lawn, Obama’s spin-off of SXSW, and featured a medley of his tracks “Skipping Stones,” “Bone + Tissue,” “Bourbon,” and “Jupiter.”

You can watch Gallant’s performance below at about 2:04:34.