HYTYD On the Verge of Something Huge With Support from OWSLA Stars Ghastly and Snails


Finding success in the music industry is something seldom done alone. Seldom does an artist find themselves within the eye of the perfect storm required to launch and a career without the involvement of a strong support base preexisting within the scene, and for good reason. There’s a certain legitimacy that comes with the support and collaborative efforts emerging names acquire as they grow and garner fans; these clicks, groups, teams, squads, collectives, and most importantly…friends, come into play not for just a release or two, but over the course a career’s development cycle as a whole. HYTYD, an artist that’s long remained in the crosshairs of our team, has been an act we’ve loved watching. From chillwave remixes for the likes of James Bay, to Electro-Hip-Hop infused goodness for Cash Cash, he’s proven one of the most versatile and entertaining names out there. And based on the crew he’s running with, he’s about to do some big things.

Ghastly and Snails are two of the most respected burgeoning artists in their craft, and keep good company. Now including none other than HYTYD. The two have long supported each other, and are two of OWSLA’s elite (among other groups). Having influence and support from legends like Skrillex is a powerful thing; HYTYD proven himself and earned a place among these talents, and Snails has brought ‘tide on stage recently at Daydream fest  (an event HYTYD performed at Solo as well) to secure firm support. Since then he’s released a crazy teaser video for something pretty big to come…what exactly? Not sure. Educated guess…a collab, or new release. With these guys? Could be freaking huge. If it’s the track laced behind the video then we might have an idea, and if we’re right, this is gonna be a massive track. We’ll be on the lookout  for the next few days or weeks to see what comes of the debauchery and insanity these guys have been up to. Until then, check out the video below and let us know what you think.