Idris Elba Spins House Set in Sydney


Idris Elba

Idris Elba is another celebrity that has taken up the art of DJing but what sets him apart from most is that his skills are actually quite good. During rigorous schedule required for the filming of Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, the British actor found time to play a gig at a Sydney club Thursday night.

Big Driis is his usual moniker for bookings but Thursday night, he was billed under his real name With a set time of 11:30pm at Goodbar, fans were hard pressed to get in on time with there being a two hour wait. Dress code was also a way of sifting through who would be allowed entry as anyone with tennis shoes on was denied entry.

His sound consists of a housey number, sultry and smooth, which fit in perfect with the intimate venue as the fans were doing just about anything to get a closer look or even a hand shake after Elba’s set.

Via: Mashable