Insomniac Partner With DPA For Drug Education


Insomniac Events will be partnering with the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) to welcome drug education services at festivals.

The campaign, called Project #OpenTalk, will allow attendees to approach on-site information booths to “receive honest, unbiased information about drugs, sex and mental health concerns” from trained educators, according to the DPA’s release.

This Halloweekend’s Escape: Psycho Circus in San Bernadino, California will be the first festival to debut the service.

Project #OpenTalk was designed in response to the high amount of drug-related deaths within the EDM community, specifically in southern California, the release says. And while Insomniac’s partnership with the DPA’s Safer Partying Campaign is in no way promoting the use of drugs (they are still strictly prohibited at their events), the company does recognize their ravers need to learn to be smart and safe.

This is the first time in 10 years that Insomniac is working with an advocacy group.