Max Styler, Devault & Luciana – Gold


Max Styler, Devault, Luciana - Gold (Dim Mak Records) - EDMTunes - Terry Gotham

Max Styler, Devault & Luciana – Gold

I find myself paying closer and closer attention to Dim Mak Records this year. Steve Aoki’s label has always made smart picks, but I think they’re confident and starting to take risks now. “Gold” manages to dance in its anthem lane, providing a solid, mid-set future bass drop for anyone trying to keep the floor lit. Where the track really shines, in my opinion, is in all of the corners, builds and supporting aspects.

The builds up shimmers, with a shine that wouldn’t be out of place at a Porter Robinson show. The sultry vocals of Luciana pierce the creeping bass and synth work that Max Styler and Devault push through. It feels very post-Mad Decent, if that makes sense. It’s aware of the success that Skrillex and Diplo have had straddling the worlds of chopped up vocals strained into chords, but doesn’t copy their work. Max Styler, Devault and Luciana innovate on the paradigm, bringing their own influences to the routine. There are distinct elements of garage and even a dash of chip in the sample work that build the anthemic drop, giving the track a very comfortable feeling, as it dances along the sky. Great work from everyone involved and I look forward to it abusing the dance floor.

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