Two Men Arrested After 1.2 Tons of MDMA Found



Two Polish men have been arrested after 1.2 tons of MDMA were found in a shipment to Australia, according to Sky News. The shipment was estimated to be worth $100 million and could be used to make 4.1 million ecstasy tablets.

The MDMA was hidden in lead casings inside aluminum rolls, which was described as a “very sophisticated concealment”. Tim Fitzgerald, New South Wales regional director for the Australian Border Force, said this technique was used to try to prevent X-ray detection.

1.2 tons of MDMA were discovered in Australia.

Although the drugs were discovered in Australia, the package is believed to have come from the Czech Republic. The Australian Federal Police said the men arrested, ages 28 and 29, may face international consequences due to the origin and size of the package. Police also said the men belong to an international crime ring.

Justine Saunders, acting deputy commissioner of operations for the Australian Federal Police, said:

“This has come from Czechoslovakia (sic) and has found its way to Australia, so this is bigger than the two individuals that we have arrested. So, yes the investigation will continue and, yes, we do anticipate further arrests.”

Australia’s Justice Minister Michael Keenan said this seizure is the fourth largest haul of ecstasy ever for the country. The investigation is still open at this time.