Mija Reveals New Clothing Line, Drops ‘FK A GENRE’ Tour Mix


In late August, Amber Giles, better known in the industry as Mija, announced her 12-city, 3-month FK A GENRE Tour. She sets herself apart from other DJs and has set this tour apart from other tours by her supreme rejection of genre classification.

“I just wanted to play shows with artists that I back heavy, I’m honestly just trying to surround myself with talented people that I look up to/feel like I can learn from. I want to offer them a new experience whether that be within their own sound or just catching vibes,” Mija said in an interview with Billboard.

Mija sums up this unique sentiment in a huge one-hour, tour-defining mix she dropped yesterday, featuring music from every artist on the tour, including A-Trak, Anna Lunoe, Justin Martin, Kill The Noise, RICKYXSAN, Team Ezy and more.

“Going through all of the artists’ discographies and picking my favorite records was a humbling reminder of the talent and diversity we managed to get on board the tour. It was an incredibly inspiring process.” said Mija, describing her process of choosing tracks for the mix.

The FK A GENRE tour starts in 15 days in Miami on October 20th and according to the tour poster, in addition to all the artists already on each lineup, there may be some surprises, “plus whoever shows up ;)” according to Mija.

In addition to the mix, Giles also recently revealed her new clothing line, ‘Made By Mija’. She has a very distinct style and if you’re looking to replicate her look, your life just got a whole lot easier. You can view/purchase some items right over here.

Listen to the FK A GENRE mix and check out some items from the clothing line below.