No All-Night Liquor License Granted to New York City for New Years


New York City
The Big Apple, which is infamously known for their all night extravaganzas, will not be taking part in the years’ biggest one due to New York state’s liquor laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol on Sundays, commonly known as Blue Laws.

In recent years, the number of venues the New York State Liquor Authority has authorized has dwindled down. Last New Years’ Eve, there were 249. The year before, 305 with 2009, only 165 permits were issued. Seemingly, before 2009, 388(2008) and 439(2007), maybe legislation was involved in diminishing the overall number of all-night activities.

All-night liquor permits, sometimes known as New Year’s Eve permit, allow clubs, bars and establishments to sell alcohol past last call (4 AM in New York City) until 8 AM on New Year’s Eve. Even tho last month, governor Andrew Cuomo of said state, revised the 80-year-old law, essentially bringing the old one up-to-date, allowing sales beginning at 10a Sunday morning, the modernized law still can’t buckle on sales before then.

Via: Thump