Oliver Heldens Is Releasing His Own Soft Drink


soft drink

Oliver Heldens has certainly increased his following this year after hit releases “Waiting” and “Space Sheep” along with a festival-filled summer. Now that all of that has come to a close, the 21-year-old Dutch producer is making a new career move before his winter agenda kicks into gear.

He’s now becoming the first DJ to create a personalized soft drink.

Heldens has announced he will be releasing his own beverage, “Deep Sparkling Water”. The carbonated water will contain flavors of elderflower, cucumber, and mint, all of which Heldens chose personally.

He also decided that some of the drink’s proceeds will go toward combatting ocean pollution, which honors his healthy lifestyle.

Heldens will release the soft drink at a meet-and-greet at the Albert Heijn Vleuterweide, a supermarket in the Netherlands. The launch will occur in-store on Oct. 15 and online later in the month.

So who’s thirsty?

H/T: Your EDM