Ookay – Thief Remix EP


Thief Remix EP

Ookay – Thief Remix EP

Arguably the sexiest and heaviest saxophone song of 2016, Ookay’s, “Thief” was and still is played across the nation in live sets and mixes. Can you blame it though? It’s a damn good mix of good vibes. So, you’ve probably had the song on repeat for the last few months and your friends might think you’re a little crazy, but now you can play the remix pack!

Tommy Trash, Slushii, and Botnek, three names that I would definitely go see live, have put together their remixes in an easily accessible EP for your listening enjoyment. So have no shame, turn the volume up and play each one of these until you can’t stand it anymore. Each remix provides its own unique style and each one is pretty stellar. Which one is your favorite? Choose for yourself as you check out all three below!

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