A Redditor Wrote a Kanye-Inspired Poem About Skrillex



Sonny Moore has come a long way since being the vocalist for rock band From First To Last. Moore, who we of course now know and love as Skrillex, began his journey into electronic music about six years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Though he’s conquered the world of dubstep, collabs and remixes, a lot of Skrillex’s recent releases have begun to stray from his classic take on dubstep.  Apparently, a Redditor thought this warranted a poem.

ChipsAndDiplo, a member of the popular community forum Reddit, wrote a poem about “the old Skrillex” in a very Kanye West style of writing. Heavily inspired by Yeezy’s song “I Love Kanye” from The Life of Pablo, this poem tells how the author really misses who Skrillex once was:

I miss the old Skrillex, straight from LA Skrillex

Chop up the vox Skrillex, set on his goals Skrillex

I hate the new Skrillex, the bland beats Skrillex

The always trap Skrillex, quiet in the news Skrillex

I miss the sweet Skrillex, chop up the beats Skrillex

I gotta say, at that time I’d like to meet Skrillex

See I invented Skrillex, It wasn’t any Skrillex’s

And now I look and look around and there’s so many Skrillex’s

I used to love Skrillex, I used to love Skrillex

I even had the black glasses, I thought I was Skrillex

What if Skrillex made a song about Skrillex

Called “I Miss The Old Skrillex”? Man, that’d be so Skrillex

That’s all it was Skrillex, we still love Skrillex

And I love you like Skrillex loves Skrillex

However, don’t be the one to take this work of art too personally. The author also wrote a disclaimer, saying, “I don’t actually hate the new Skrillex I just really, really needed a break from my assignments and did this out of boredom while listening to Kanye.”