Skrillex Defends Marshmello, Calls Deadmau5 a Bully




As many artists do, Skrillex and Deadmau5 have a past – most of it has good, but not all. Sonny was always a big Mau5 fan and Joel helped Sonny get moving when he started performing as Skrillex, but somewhere along the way their relationship has shifted into a not-so-positive direction. If anyone remembers Halloween last year, a Twitter battle was stirred up between the two producer over that weekend that involved a massive amount of arguing from both sides. Ironically they both headlined HARD Day of the Dead that weekend but performed on separate nights.

Skrillex recently did an interview with Complex where he gives us more info on another time he had an issue with Mau5, yet again over Twitter. It was during Ultra Music Festival this year that Marshmello and Deadmau5 began to banter over the social media platform over Marshmello wanting to interview Joel, with Joel responding by saying he was being followed. Regardless of the truth of the story behind this original argument, in his Complex interview Skrillex made it clear he wasn’t cool with arguments as such and pointed out how Deadmau5 likes to just be a bully on the internet to people.

In the interview, Skrillex explains the scenario:

“The only time I really got upset [with deadmau5] was when he started taking stabs at Marshmello, acting like such a fucking bully. Marshmello is this young kid who looks up to deadmau5, and the first tweet he gets from deadmau5 is talking shit about him. That’s when I had to stand up and be like, ‘Stop being a fucking bully to people.’”

Check out the rest of the interview here.