Will Clarke, DJ Funk Release “Booty Percolatin'” Official Music Video



Booty Percolatin

Dirtybird’s Will Clarke has officially released a music video for his long awaited track Booty Percolatin’ after a year of it just being a track mixed into his live sets. Clarke collaborates with ghetto house giant DJ Funk on the irresistible tune, creating a formula of vocals, beats, and vibes that’s hard to measure up to. The song’s popularity has been spreading like wildfire and now has the perfect music video to be paired with.

The new music video is simple, yet very well done: it’s a day in the life of one guy who can’t stop dancing. From the moment he wakes up he is consumed by the beat and walks around aimlessly searching for a way to let it all out. Half way through he finds a quirky dance partner who accompanies him on his dance filled journey into an underground club where Will Clarke is playing – sounds like our kind of fun!

Check it out below and see if you catch the beat.