Wolfgang Gartner And Splice Release 300 Sounds & Samples


Wolfgang Gartner

Grammy-nominated producer and DJ Wolfgang Gartner is looked up to by thousands of novice and seasoned producers. His iconic sound has helped pioneer the nostalgic dance music we all know and love. And now, you can have some of the sounds he uses at your disposal.

Wolfgang Gartner and Splice just released a 300-piece sound and sample pack which have been heard scattered throughout his entire discography. The iconic beatsmith has synthesized and handpicked each sound using a mix of software and hardware. He used analog synths like the Voyager and Juno-106, while processing drums sounds using analog gear such as the EL-8X Distressor compressors and other analog signal processors. For those of you who don’t understand producer lingo, this is the real deal.

Gartner recently released his sophomore studio album 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate. As a man that has managed to innovate, lead, and inspire a generation of dance music producers and fans alike, the international producer has set the bar for the younger artists of today. Now, he gifts us with this amazing pack of samples to use however we please.

Be sure to download the pack right here.