Boiler Room Says Goodbye To Its Chatrooms In Favor of Facebook


boilerBoiler Room announced yesterday via Twitter that they would be saying goodbye to their chatroom with a bittersweet, love/hate relationship note: “You were awful but we loved you (sorta).”


These chatrooms, which have played a significant role in the Boiler Room live experience, have brought a large amount of controversy to the site due to inappropriate and harassing comments, such as back in June when a female DJ received a number of sexist comments while she performed her set.

With the closing of the chatrooms, they plan to shift the opportunity for commenting to Facebook Live, where they have been streaming their sets as of late. They noted in a tweet to another Twitter user that “as so much conversation now takes place on fB, we figured that’s the way to go.”


Want to take part in the action? Check out Boiler Room’s Facebook page here and watch one of their most recent broadcasted live sets, featuring two hours of music from UNIIQUE, Grandmixxer and Skinny Macho, below.