Crywolf – Windswept


Crywolf – Windswept

Since he got his start in music with dubstep in 2012, Raleigh native DJ Crywolf has been making serious waves in the EDM scene with his emotional music that blurs the lines between genres into something that is ever changing as his career flourishes. Following the most recent success of his Cataclasm EP, he has returned with Windswept which is the second single from forthcoming Skeletons EP.

Windswept is an emotional song from start to finish. Crywolf touches on that feeling of vulnerability and sadness we all feel time to time with his vivid lyrics, deep synths, and big drops. At multiple points in the track, there is seconds of silence that create suspense for the next big verse that drops immediately after.

Windswept is on Crywolfs new Skeletons EP which is avaliable on all digital platforms Friday November 15, 2016. Stream via SoundCloud and enjoy a free download below!

Crywolf – Windswept | Free Download