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Dash Berlin ft. Do – Heaven


Dash Berlin ft. Do – Heaven

For “old school” dance music fans, there are a few songs that will always have a special place. Those songs take us back to remember the first time we heard them and knew that we were home. This is even more noticeable today, with all of the chaos and turmoil we see in the world, which makes getting back to our roots of peace, love, unity, and respect even more important. One artist’s music, that always gives us these feels is Dash Berlin. And just this week, he’s done it again by remixing the emotional track “We’re in Heaven” from the amazing vocalist Do.

You’ve likely heard this song remixed into live sets before, but it’s arguable that no other producer makes you really feel it like Dash Berlin. And candidly, it’s a refreshing sound considering how emotionally charged the song is. This song will definitely take you on a journey of emotions, so hit play and turn it up, because this is exactly what we all need right now.

Dash Berlin ft. Do – Heaven

Minneapolis. Lovable Weirdo. Be Happy.
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