deadmau5 Responds To Marshmello’s “Ritual” Video



The rise of Marshmello and the Mellogang has been fun to watch, as the masked musician seemingly came out of nowhere and is now playing the world’s biggest festival and has songs all over the radio. All of us have probably heard his hit “Alone” by now and he just came out with a new one called “Ritual” featuring vocals from LA’s Wrabel.

If you’re familiar with Marshmello, then you’re probably familiar his deadmau5 beef.   These two got into a Twitter tussle after an awkward exchange at a festival and they haven’t gotten along since.  This time, Mello included a fake deadmau5 in the music video for “Ritual” and of course, Joel came back on twitter…

It’s too bad to see adults act like children on the internet, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last time.