Deadmau5 Preparing for Something Truly Epic


You know we love us some Deadmau5 news, and especially news that isn’t about Twitter. The best thing about the Mau5 is how he keeps us in the know about what he’s up all the time. To that end, he piqued our curiosity with a set of Instagram posts yesterday that might point to something really cool.

From the looks of it, Deadmau5 was undergoing some sort of full body scanning and imaging.

Couple of SLRS.

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My eyes! The goggles! THEY DO NOTHING!

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When asked what he was up to by a fan, his response was quite simple. However he did give some indication that there is animation involved. Could we be seeing a Deadmau5 hologram in the near future? What other possibilities can you think of? Sound off in the comments.