Dillon Francis Chats With Reebok About Love For CrossFit



Whether you prefer to frequent EDM concerts, music festivals, or shows at nightclubs, you are likely drawn by the excitement and high level of energy surrounding these events. DJs are expected to entertain their audience in massive, consistent fashion at all of their shows. When an artist takes time away from producing to tour, they are committing to months of travel and performing with little time for recovery between events.

Dillon Francis‘ popularity is rising rapidly with his recent release of two huge singles, “Need You” and “Anywhere”. He has been touring across the US and internationally for a majority of 2016, garnering an Instagram following of 1.5 million fans. His followers have likely noticed a new, and perhaps surprising, interest of Dillon’s – CrossFit.

Dillon’s tour manager, Mike Finn, does CrossFit with Conor Murphy, a Certified CrossFit Trainer that Finn met at a fitness competition in 2015. Although Dillon has frequently joked about his manager’s involvement in CrossFit, Finn and Murphy got Dillon to join in a workout while Dillon was performing at UMass Amherst, Murphy’s hometown. Before long, the workout that Murphy had Dillon do left the DJ without much sense of humor.

During an interview with Reebok, Murphy stated, “I had him do 100 air squats to a medicine ball, and then every minute on the minute, five burpees.”

“At first I was like, ‘Oh that’s not that bad,’” reflected Dillon. “And then 40 air squats in, I was looking at Conor like, ‘I hate you.’”

Dillon later posted on his Instagram about the workout and told Reebok what it was about CrossFit that captured his attention:

“The thing I’ve gotten out of CrossFit that I never had when I went to a personal trainer is more energy. You finish a workout and you’re like, ‘How did I just do that?’ but then a half hour later once I’m in the shower, I just feel super rejuvenated and have more energy than I did before the workout.”

Dillon got so much out his first workout that he has brought Murphy on the road with him to continue CrossFit training with his team on the go:

“Touring is one of the worst things possible for your body. You have limited time to eat, limited time to sleep, limited time to work on music, let alone work out. So Conor being out on tour really helps with that time management because then I can work out whenever fits in my schedule.”

Dillon stated that he plans to continue CrossFit workouts in the future due to the extra energy that it leaves him with even in the middle of touring. The new bond between trainer and DJ has left Murphy with some insight into how physically demanding touring is on an artist’s body:

“Touring with Dillon has really opened my eyes to the fact that as a DJ, your job is to entertain. It’s a job that requires him to bring high energy for multiple hours at a time. He’s not at these shows just to party like a lot of the people watching are. He’s expected to perform and to bring enthusiasm and energy, and CrossFit is giving Dillon more energy than he’s had before.”