DJ Mag Offers DJs Chance to Buy Their Own Award Trophy


dj mag

The DJ Mag Top 100 contest has been ridiculed by many over the past few years, mainly for how it has become a popularity contest rather than an actual rating of quality of performers. With the #1 winners being the current biggest big room DJs like Martin Garrix and Hardwell, it’s clear that the rating is based on the amount of votes a DJ gets and not who is really at the “top” of DJing.

Either way, this has brought much scrutiny to DJ Mag, the company that puts on the contest. DJ Mag is now offering something more than just the Top 100 to DJs that has us scratching our heads. If you were voted into the Top 100 this year, you are apparently given the option of buying your own award.

DJ Mag sent out an email to the winners telling them they are offering replicas of the exact same award Martin Garrix received, but in a silver color instead. DJs have the option of having their name and “position” engraved on it. Laidback Luke posted this email to Instagram for everyone to see.

It will be interesting to see who suddenly wins an award now with this option.

Ha ha no thanks! But I’m curious to see if we see some top unknown names put one on Instagram LOL

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