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EDM Ventures Into Zero Gravity With New Beer Ad

zero gravity

Dance music is known for pushing the boundaries. Of style. Of sounds. And apparently, of physics.

You read that correctly. Imagine if you could experience dance music in zero gravity. This is now a reality, as part of a product launch for Heineken’s tequila flavored beer, Desperados. The concept? Drop the bass and throw a dance party in zero gravity. This is a pretty revolutionary idea considering borderline space travel has been primarily reserved for astronauts and Air Force personnel.

How did this happen? The creative geniuses at WE ARE PI enlisted producer Mike Cervello for the music and flew the luckiest partygoers 30,000 feet above earth to experience weightlessness. Cervello took some production tips from neuroscientist Daniel Levitin to create the perfect soundtrack for the what is likely qualified as the highest dance party of all time. The video makes this experience and ad look epic and definitely has captured our attention. Well played.

Watch the full video below or find it from WE ARE Pi on Vimeo.

Minneapolis. Lovable Weirdo. Be Happy.
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